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The US is on the cusp of a massive fossil fuel infrastructure overbuild, especially pipelines.

With dozens of fracked gas pipelines and two major tar sands pipelines proposed, there are threats to water, land and property rights in virtually every region of the US. There is no need for these pipelines! Rather than serving any need, they are driven by supply and designed for export.

Infrastructure is destiny.

With these pipelines, industry is trying to build risky infrastructure that will lock us in to a climate disrupting high carbon future. Once built, these pipelines and the threats they represent will be around for decades. The time to stop them is before they are built.

The strength and diversity of local opposition will determine the fate of infrastructure.

Permits and procedures for these projects are processed by agencies at federal, state, county and municipal levels, and in many cases local political and economic factors will determine the success or failure of these campaigns. Local activism and opinion, in turn, is often the crucial factor. The Pipeline Fighter Hub would give this local activism a much better chance of winning.

Local opposition is enhanced and strengthened by coordination, story telling and expertise.

Over the last 10 years, environmentalists and pipeline fighting communities have developed, by necessity, significant collective expertise on pipelines. We often learned by doing and taught ourselves about the permitting and eminent domain process. Through deep engagement in the Keystone XL and DAPL campaigns, as well many other pipeline fights, non-profit staff and community leaders have become experts on legal angles, procedure jamming, landowner organizing, tribal rights, media messaging and pipeline safety. They have developed innovative models to prevent seizure of lands by eminent domain, sophisticated analyses of pipeline safety deficits, a new way of calculating the greenhouse gas contributions of specific projects, creative story telling, and a fighting spirit that had been missing from the climate movement.

The Pipeline Fighter’s Hub is where all these experiences come together to benefit all of us. If you are fighting a pipeline, we want to hear from you!

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